Turn to the right?

Whether you feel UKIP are a bunch of homophobic, far right racists or a serious alternative to the staid, boring political parties we have now, truly anti establishment.*

One thing still bugs me.

They’ve still yet to have an MP of their own.

“But Darrell” you’ll say, “they have two MP’s now, you fool!”.

But they don’t, not really. Granted, they are represented at Westminster by two men who wear the colours, but one can’t help thinking that that is a case of self preservation. Both men would have lost their seats as sitting conservative MP’s, so defected to UKIP as they now thought that their ‘argument’ was stronger.

How convenient.

Had the Tory vote held up, one wonders if their conviction would have been as strong?

When they contest elections with their own untried, and some would say untainted, candidates, then I may take them a little more seriously. One thing that cannot be ignored however, is that a lot of voters would like their preferred party to start acting like they believe in their own values and beliefs, instead of chasing votes and populist agendas.

UKIP have a very narrow message, but they believe in it, and are finding that more people agree as they gather momentum. Labour and the conservatives would do well to heed that.

*anti establishment? You’ve met their leader and two MP’s haven’t you….