Ten Things I Learnt This Week

1. Black fluff from socks all over the (light coloured) carpets will annoy you for days and days.

2. Children with runny noses will invariably wipe them on their sleeves.

3. Radiator pipes being in strange places in the wall, will always attract my drill.

4. Drivers not putting headlights on in the fog.

5. Drizzle. At school run time. As usual.

6. Cold callers who hang up, repeatedly.

7. Short term memory loss. This always strikes me when I need to….um…..remember to….um…err…oh crap.

8. Blinkered football supporters. When a ref gives a ‘dodgy’ decision against their team, he’s the worst ref ever. But when the same decision goes their way, they conveniently overlook it.

9. Indignant moral outrage. Or, if I don’t agree/like/approve of something, I will bemoan society today.

10. Politicians who don’t answer the question put to them …..ever. Ah, some things never change.

All in all, it’s been one of those weeks…..