Heart Stopping.

Many of you will have seen the incredible pictures taken by Tim Holmes of his wife and grandchildren sheltering in the water, as fire consumed everything around them, and marvelled at their bravery in the face of such unimaginable terror. Today I read what Bonnie Walker, the children’s mother, had told reporters when asked about how she’d waited for news of her family as the fires burned their town to the ground;

We just waited by the phone. We received a message at 3.30pm to say that mum and dad had evacuated, that they were surrounded by fire, and could we pray. So I braced myself to lose my children and my parents

I’m not ashamed to say that reading that brought a lump to my throat, how she must have felt as she waited for news of their safety, desperately trying not to think of all the worst case scenarios, one can only imagine.

That they all ended up reunited, gives this story a happy ending. Let’s hope that all the people suffering through the fires in Australia are equally as lucky.