Skating To The Shops.

This must be the one thing that really exasperates me whenever we have snow, the way all paths instantly turn into an ice-rink.

Ice Rink.

Seeing children slipping and sliding on their way to school, or an elderly lady trying to pick her way carefully to the shops, makes me wonder why we have no way to ensure the paths remain as clear as the roads.

Although some of the roads leave a lot to be desired, but that’s another story….

If it wasn’t for the fact that any grit bin placed at the top of the road would instantly be torched or emptied out all over the road, ironically always during the summer, I’d blame the local council.

However with many councils having to cut back on spending, and with private companies who are meant to offer us an improved service with more choice, picking and choosing the more lucrative contracts, it would appear that no one will be coming to our aid anytime soon.


Perhaps rather than bemoaning “Can’t somebody else do it?“, we should clear the patch of path just outside our own house, which would enable everyone to get around safely, or is that just crazy talk?