Can I play football Daddy?

Whilst walking with Jessica and George in the rain yesterday I had a conversation about what jobs they would like  when they grow up.

Jessica started out by saying that she would like to be a Mummy and have babies, at least three, but also be like Daddy and cook and clean for everyone as well.

So far, so good. Then she stopped for a minute and thought a bit harder, “actually Daddy, I would like to play football for Norwich on their pitch!”  I explained that she could do whatever she wanted and if football was her desire than football it shall be.

Then after another pause she said “If not a football player, then I’ll be a superhero”. At least she’s setting her sights high!

As for George, He wouldn’t be drawn on what job he would aspire to, just saying “No!” to every offered suggestion before ending the conversation with the news that he would be “Just George”.