“Here’s a picture of you Daddy….”

Jessica told me to close my eyes, “you can’t look at my drawing yet dad, it’s a surprise”. I did as instructed, nearly taking my hip out on an errant chair pulled out from the dining table, and shuffled awkwardly from the dining room. A few minutes later Jessica proudly walked into the kitchen and announced “you can open your eyes now!”, having done so already so as not to have burnt the house down whilst cooking dinner, I turned round and dramatically opened my eyes. “Here’s a picture of you daddy!” She proudly exclaimed. I prepared myself to fuss and praise the masterpiece before me….


“Oh.” I stammered, “that’s……lovely sweetheart. Thank you” she smiled up at me and crushed any lingering doubt I may have that this was a ‘caricature’ of me, “this is the way I see you daddy”, and then “because sometimes, you can be a little grumpy”.

Gee. Thanks Jessica.