Schools out for…….to long….not long enough?

As my wife is a Teacher at the same school my children attend, it makes school holidays that little bit more interesting.

She, as you can imagine after a long tiring term, relishes the chance to put her feet up and relax for a couple of weeks during the holiday break. Leaving aside the marking and the lesson plans for a day or two and sitting in front of the TV, glass of something alcoholic in hand and with the chocolates within easy reach, is top of her to do list.

The children however start to get irritable and could well benefit from a return to the familiar structured routine of a school day. Jessica is bored and wants to play on the Wii, which is never going to happen as it’s connected to the TV in the front room, which we are all watching. She then proceeds to stomp off to her bedroom, whilst loudly reiterating that she’s still very very bored. George, who started school in september and loves every minute, bemoans the fact that he’s still got at least eight days until he can be reunited with his accomplices in mayhem, and can of course find nothing to do in his bedroom, filled though it may be with toys from a very generous Father Christmas!

Matthew just takes great delight in emptying all his new toys on the floor, again and again and again and agin……..

So after a while, with the sound of three children running around the house doing their best herd of elephants routine starting to fray the harmonious atmosphere that the season of goodwill temporarily bestowed upon our home, it’s time to bring out the long walks and trips to the allotment, in a vain attempt to both amuse and hopefully tire the little monsters out. Of course, this means that inevitably we end up getting worn out as well, thereby cancelling out any of benefits that relaxing for the last couple of days may have brought us.

And so we begin again. Ah, roll on the new term…………sorry Mummy……