I need a drink.

It has been reported in the news today that The House of Commons science and technology committee, has recommended that everybody should have at least two days a week without alcohol. Apparantly we are confused by the current levels of consumption, based on units per person per week, and would benefit from a simplified message on our drinking habits.

A Kranz (wreath) of Kölsch beer.
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Apart from the obvious concern that the message will convince some people that, if they have two days without drinking, then they could have five days where they could drink all they liked, it seems to assume that we’re all having a ‘glass or two’ every night.

Now I’ve tweeted about the need for a glass of wine, the enjoyment of a glass of wine and the regret at not having another bottle of wine to hand, quite a bit, well alright quite a lot, over the last couple of years. But I don’t know about you, this was mainly at the weekends, and almost certainly a Friday or Saturday evening. Like a lot of people, given the chance, I would quite probably open a bottle every night but, in my case at least, for two things.

Firstly, I have three children. This leaves me little enough time at the weekends to drink, let alone every night of the week. And those of you with small children especially, will know that what with the numerous ‘wake up’ calls throughout the night, the ever present threat of someone tripping over their feet and breaking something and the need to remember who goes where and when, the thought of being half cut at the same time is a non starter.

Secondly, and perhaps more significantly, the cost of buying alcohol in these austere times that we find ourselves in today, would seem to preclude me from any chance of the so called ‘binge-drinking’ habits so loved of certain sections of our popular press!

So whilst I understand that they have our best interests at heart and, as I have witnessed first hand with my late Father in law, the effects of alcohol abuse are very real and effect more than just the person struggling from this addiction, I can’t help but feel that this message will be just as misunderstood as the last.

We know we probably drink too much at times, we know that we shouldn’t and yet we all know, we probably still will.