For sale

For sale. 
One child, good condition, all original parts (one or two teeth upgraded) no instructions. 

Starts first time most days, needs a little care and attention to ensure smooth running. 

Can tend to become noisier after extended use. Will need regular servicing to maintain overall clean finish. Fuel consumption average, will run well on chocolate.

Will need increased amount of money spent on upkeep in years ahead. 

Cheeky grin, infectious laugh and quiet(ish) running when on standby.

Have two other possible sales if interested in bulk purchase. 

Serious offers only please. 😉



One of the few good things to come out of me finishing work at 23:00, is the drive home along stretches of road that have no street lighting on. With so many light sources around it seems that we don’t get to see the night sky in all it’s glory.

I find that it is far more relaxing to walk around the countryside in the dark, your eyes eventually adjust so you don’t fall over (To many times at least) and that it’s great fun for the children if armed with torches and good reflective clothing.

I’m not an astrologer and don’t spend a lot of time studying the constellations, but sometimes it’s good to just turn the light out….