Welcome to my blog

I’m a ‘Stay At Home’ father to three children, Jessica, George and Matthew who keepSmile. me on my toes for 24 hours a day, although sometimes it feels a lot longer. They continually  surprise and delight me every day, all of them never tiring of finding ways to turn the house upside down, especially after I’ve spent all day cleaning it. Though they can usually win me over with a smile or cute word or two. Usually.

As I keep being told all of their stubborn ways and, with the boys especially, almost OCD attention to detail is mainly down to them being smaller versions of me, so I suppose it’s a case of ‘what goes around, comes around’. This is my attempt to get my version in first, although I’m sure that one day they’ll thank me for all the pictures and stories that I share with you……..

m&m's.I’m married to the very beautiful Natalie, a teacher, who helps keep my feet on the floor and my mind in one piece. The time that we’ve spent together has been the happiest of my life and I wouldn’t change a day, good or bad, as that what helps make our relationship so special. Besides, she has helped to bring the three aforementioned children into the world, so at least deserves to shoulder half the blame.

I can’t promise all I say makes sense, is original, thought provoking or will change any of your long held beliefs but hopefully it’ll show another viewpoint on the many issues of everyday life. I’m sure we will find many No Photos!things to disagree on as I’ll try not to shy away from contentious issues that may prompt you to leave and expunge any trace of this blog from your mind but hey, before you go though, leave a comment and  try to explain your anger, bemusement or point of view and I’m sure we can agree to disagree. I hope that you enjoy the things that I write about and that it might bring a smile to your face in some small way.



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