I want that!

“I love that game!” Shouted Matthew. “Can I have it?” I glanced up at the TV, oh god not that one again. “We’ll see, Mo, we’ll see”.

Which as every parent knows, means no. 

You see Matthew, and to be fair Jessica and George, all like the look of  Doggie Doo, a game in which you win by picking up dog shit.

I know the manufacturer might argue that it teaches children to look after their pet in a responsible way, thus ensuring less mess out on the streets, and happy contented puppies, but it’s not going to be at the top of everyone’s ‘must have’ list of games this coming Christmas, is it? 

Mind you, I know I’m looking at this game in a very sensible, grown up way. Children, as we all know, can spend an hour laughing over the word ‘fart’, so what do I know?


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