Checkout line.

Are you a stacker? A piller? A neat and ordered arranger?

Putting  shopping on to the checkout in a supermarket can be an exact science, if you’re so inclined, for others, as long as it’s on, it’s fine. 

After placing my meagre haul 20140218-113152.jpgon the checkout last week,

neatly as you can see, the couple behind me proceeded to throw theirs on. 20140218-113231.jpg

Starting in the middle and adding bits here and there, as the fancy took them. I’m sure that the cashiers don’t pay to much attention to the state of the conveyor belt, but must get fed up when a stack of badly stacked produce falls on them. I didn’t hang around to watch them pack that little lot away, but I’m sure the results were just as ordered and efficient as their stacking.


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