Sometimes silly is all we have…. 🙂

The Lonely Walkers Blog

It’s funny. I’m always confidant of declarations and passions. I like when friends (or just people who think I may understand) tell me the sentence “it’s silly, you may laugh but I love….” (and whatever is their favorite feeling) and I never laugh. For me that is the best part of life!

Yesterday I was talking to Marta and we were discussing something… a “silly” thing… something she loves. And she added “it’s not important”…. my reaction to that was “of course it’s important! it makes you happy!”. Important things should be those that make us happy, not those that make us worry. Pay more attention to those little tiny things you enjoy doing and give it some importance to keep them in your daily life.

I love: laughing out loud (like, really… you can hear me…), moving A LOT my hands while I’m talking, hugging so tight my friends…

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