Matthew managed to break his arm on Friday due to his determination to climb on everything, despite repeated warnings that “you’ll fall and hurt yourself”.
As most parents will know, attempting to stop an 18 month old from touching, playing with or climbing on things is akin to standing on the beach and turning back the tide, which in fairness may prove to be an easier task!

And Matthew has proved harder to stop than most children, no amount of “No!” will deter him, sitting him on the ‘naughty step’ achieves very little. Locking him in a cage in the garden would more than likely be frowned upon, so he’ll have to learn by his mistakes, which could take him a while.

I think he must get his stubbornness from his Mother.

But as might be expected, having a cast on isn’t stopping him from trying to climb and find a way to break his other arm…..or a leg….or both….


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