Suddenly, I’m not half the man I used to be…..

Lose weight now
Image by alancleaver_2000 via Flickr

Over the weekend I went shopping for some new jeans, nothing too shocking about that you might think, and you’d be right.

Well maybe half right.

You see, none of my clothes fit anymore.

Jeans, T-shirts, formal trousers, shirts, jumpers, shorts and that beautiful dark grey suit all hanging in the wardrobe waiting, forlornly, to be worn again.

Why this sudden need to spring clean my wardrobe?

No not a visit from Gok Wan, but a major change all the same for, since last summer, I’ve been trying to loose some weight.It was the thought of reaching my 40th birthday and not being in the best of shape, that prompted a little rethink on diet and exercise.

So, time to cut down on those long lazy meals of bread, wine and cheese. *sigh*

Hence this rush to the shops and pick up some new trousers before the old ones led to one embarassing incident too many. And so, after nearly a year I’ve managed to loose 4 stone.

This has also led to the somewhat surprising discovery of a rib cage, collar bones and the ability to look in a mirror at a “side on” view of myself without wishing to smash the mirror.

So, next time you’re out and about at the beach and you see that buff, good looking hunk in tight speedo’s, I’ll be the slightly bigger chap sitiing to his left…….though not quite as big as I once was!


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