Suits you…

So for the second time in just over a week I find myself writing in defence of David Cameron.

I know, I know. This can’t continue.

However, this time Dave finds himself on the wrong end of an argument about what suit he will be wearing to the Royal Wedding.

He had wanted to attend in a simple everyday business suit, instead of the traditional morning dress, mainly to avoid drawing attention to his old Etonian background, not to mention of course his vast wealth and privileged upbringing.

This brought him the inevitable backlash, with The Daily Telegraph moved to comment that it could be seen as evidence of “idleness, contempt for tradition, or merely a lack of self confidence”. With others wondering if it wasn’t more of a “direct snub to the queen”.

Where do I begin?

First things first. If Mr Cameron thinks that dressing in a suit like the rest of the fabled “middle class” would magically stop anyone from noticing his background, he’s a bigger idiot than I imagined.

And I imagine him to be quite a big idiot.

Secondly, why all the fuss? There’s just as many people who couldn’t give a monkeys about the wedding, and more to the point couldn’t care what type of suit he had on anyway.
Not to mention those of us who wouldn’t honestly know the difference.

And lastly and perhaps more importantly, he HAS been to Eton, he DID have a privileged upbringing and he DOES have a vast personal fortune.

So why try to hide it?

Many of us would love to be rich, to be in the position to treat our children, friends and family.
Who among us wouldn’t be proud to send their child to one of the finest schools in the land and give them that much touted “head-start” in life?

It’s about time we started to concentrate on the man’s policies and ideals, and stop working ourselves up into a lather over what he wears, where he holidays and how much money he has.

We can’t change what he is, but if we try hard enough we might be able to change what he does.


One thought on “Suits you…

  1. Lawrence Butcher

    Indeed. Just because he’s privileged doesn’t make him a bad guy, the cuts that will force public services to close and shove many, many people into poverty make him a bad guy.

    Privileged backgrounds don’t mean people are evil, just as working class upbringings don’t make people ‘salt of the earth’.

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