Please make it stop.

William and Kate Royal Wedding plates
Image by Ben Sutherland via Flickr

Unless you’ve been living on the moon or lucky enough to have been in a coma, you’ll know that there is a Royal wedding on the horizon.

It would seem that we are to be beaten into submission by the onslaught of “news” and wonderful insights about the couple, the day and goodness knows what else. I’m sure if you looked hard enough, you’d find details of the wedding night plans as well!

Along side the usual books, magazines, plates, cups, useless crap and tea towels etc, I’ve noticed a lot of manufacturers never slow to try to make some extra cash, have quickly branded their products as “commemorative” editions.

Quality street I’m looking at you here!

I must admit though that the Royal Wedding sticker album,  with the chance to spend hundreds of pounds collecting pointless stickers for the next year and a half, takes some beating.

Online of course is where the real wealth of information is. There are any number of websites to feed your hunger for everything Kate ‘n’ Wills, especially this one. And with this one you get all the other Royal weddings thrown in for good measure, I especially like the advert for Franklin Mints Kate Middleton collection….

Thankfully though  Some offer  sage advice on avoiding this happy occasion.

And if you really must there’s this.

All in all I hope the sun shines, they have a lovely day and are very happy together for the rest of their lives, as for me though, I’ll be out for a walk somewhere with picnic lunch and a glass of wine or two, a long way from a television set.

You’re welcome to join me.


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