Give him a break…..

To those of you who pay attention to my mad ramblings, you’ll know that I am not a great supporter of the Tory party or of the ConDem government as a whole.

However, I am mystified about the fuss the media are making over the holiday being enjoyed by David Cameron and his wife, with almost daily updates on what they were or weren’t doing.

It has been suggested that as the country is in the middle of an economic depression, he should have to use a budget airline and stay in the cheapest hotel he could find.

Sod the romance and feel our pain.

But hold on, independently from politics he is a very wealthy man, a millionaire by all accounts, a fact that is constantly held up to prove that he’s not as “in it together” as he might claim, so why shouldn’t he have a nice holiday?

After all he can afford it.

I won’t be able to afford one this year or for that matter the next couple of years and, whilst this government won’t make my task any easier, it seems petulant to moan about those people who can afford it, based purely on the fact they may be better off than me.

And anyway, wouldn’t we want the leader of our government to have the opportunity to relax and “get away from it all”, if only to give him some quality time in which to rethink some of his disastrous policies?

So let’s concentrate on fighting the government cuts, trying to get them growing the job Market and helping to get the country back on the right track, instead of wasting time moaning about Someone’s dirty weekend away.

The only real downside I can see is that while he’s away, Nick Clegg may well be left in charge.

Now that does make me angry…….


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