Strange Days

The start of the week comes around again and I feel slightly lost.

Because, as of last Monday, I have no work to go to anymore.

For the first time since I left school in 1987, I will be without a job. After eight years working for Marriott hotels it took just over a week to make me redundant, and whilst I can’t pretend I’ll miss it that much, it will seem strange not to rush out of the house three nights a week at half past five, leaving Mummy to gather up the children, give them a bath and then into bed.

In fact sad to say, one of the few things I’ll miss about my job will be the drive home at eleven thirty.

It proved to be my one little moment of calm during a busy day.

However, it will mean that Mummy has more time to get everything ready for the morning at work and be able to complete her planning and marking earlier in the week, allowing all of us more time together at the weekend.

And apart from the obvious problem of the loss of earnings, you never know it might turn out to be the best thing that’s happened to us…………………..


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