Anything else?

On friday I was half way through the washing when i noticed that the tumble dryer had stopped. “Damn those children” I thought as I switched it back on, only for the fuse box in the garage to blow. Dutifully I reset the fuse box and turned it on again and again it blew.

Trying the same thing about twenty times, as you do, I realised that the dryer was a gonna. Time to turn the house into a makeshift dry cleaners.

Then when Mummy came home, she informed me of a hissing sound from the garage where she’d just parked up. Fearing that the freezer had been affected by the electric blow out and was losing gas I raced out, only to find her back tyre slowly deflating. First job for monday morning, change the tyre.

Put the kettle on and make a cup of tea.

Only one problem, the kettle’s leaking water all over the side.



Where's My car
Where's My Car?


Monday brings deep snow, hazardous driving conditions, frantic snow clearing, anxious checking of the county council website (all schools open! Sorry kids, sorry Mummy!) and almost necessitated a trip to A&E for a suspected dislocated arm.

It’s hard to see that there’s much else that could go wrong.

although I’m not holding my breath….



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