Snow more….


It’s always nice to hear the news on the radio lead with “Britain ready for huge snowfall”, it must mean that winter has really kicked in. Putting aside the fact that there must be at least twenty more important news stories out there, why do we get so hung up about our weather?

Yes, it might snow. It’s winter, it has a habit of doing that.

Yes, we might struggle to get anywhere in a car. So?

Where’s that bulldog spirit? Failing that just go and find the spirits cupboard and take a couple of hearty swigs and get on with it.

Next of course we’ll be hearing about the school and business closures, followed by “Britain returns slowly to normal”.

And I know it’s a well-worn cliché but, how those countries who face snow on a regular basis must laugh at us.

Or maybe they just ignore our annual moaning……


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