Read my lips


The new Tories?


After hearing on the news that Vince Cable had backed the doubling of tuition fees,  I had a wry chuckle at the thought of all the voters of Norwich (south) who had installed Simon Wright as their MP because amongst other things, he’d signed the Lib Dem “pledge” to scrap tuition fees where Charles Clarke, the incumbent had not.

He won by just 310 votes.

Then on the way to work that evening I listened to the podcast of last Saturdays weekly political review from Radio 4, and it struck me how much the Lib Dem’s in the government and those “outside” are slowly moving in opposite directions.

On the programme Simon Hughes, Lib Dem deputy leader, is trying to stress that his party and the Tories will keep their own individual identities whilst in coalition government.

After saying;

“Trident, we’re against the replacement like for like, let’s see what the outcome is”

Which in itself offers room for manoeuvre, he uttered the immortal lines;

“Tuition fees, we are opposed to the increase in tuition fees”

Oh dear.

He may want to erase that particular podcast from his iPod and ready himself and his party, for the inevitable backlash that’s going to come their way….


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