Five things I learnt last week.

1. It only rains when you’re walking to and from school. When you’re inside the house the sun will invariably come out.

2. George does not have a “quiet voice”, he either shouts or….no that’s pretty much it….he shouts.

3. Tesco own brand disposable nappies are rubbish. If the object was to keep Babby wet and upset at all times, then they’ve cracked it.

4. Healthy food will always cost you more. Flora pro active buttery is now available to buy at £3.80 for a 500g tub. A 250g block of butter costs 98p.

5. And talking of butter, there are county fairs in America that will sell you deep-fried butter. Yes, really.

And in case you wanted to fry up a batch, why just follow Paula’s heart stopping recipe here, just don’t come running to me when your arteries clog up…..oh I forgot, you won’t be able to walk let alone run…….


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