One of the things that you’re never fully prepared for when becoming a parent is the sudden loss of a good nights sleep, and how quickly you have to adjust to a new pattern of dozing and waking during the night.

Now we’ve been luckier than most in that our children took quickly to sleeping through the night, without the constant waking, crying and demanding a bottle every two minutes. But, by the law of averages, the more you have the more “little” problems you’ll encounter.

And these tend to build up.

Matthew, our youngest, has a cold at the moment. This means he might not be able to keep his soother in, and so wakes himself up. He’ll require a little cuddle, and back to sleep he goes.

And then George will wake up and complain of an upset tummy which will require a soothing word or two, and his sleepy music will need to be put back on and then he’s good to go.

And then….

Jessica will wake up and shout for assistance as her legs are about to fall off. After ascertaining that this is not the case, she feels that the “magic flannel” will need to be applied to her forehead as she’s got a bad head.

Next, it’s time for a bottle for Matthew, after which he needs winding and settling back to sleep. If you’re lucky, this only takes 20 minutes…….. IF, you’re lucky…

And then, just as an uneasy calm bestrides the house, the alarm jauntily let’s you know it’s 06:00 and time to get up!!


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