Endless summer….

For some of you, the last week or so will have been spent indoors looking out through the window at the rain wondering when, if at all, you may get to laze in the sun, sipping on a cocktail and drifting in and out of consciousness.

For those of you with children it may have been a lot worse.

After the morning has been spent glueing, sticking, painting and drawing, lunch has been eaten and you start to look forward to bedtime, the warning signs start.

All of us know that at a certain time of day the children will hit the point of no return and “cabin fever” will hit with a vengeance. Nothing will calm them down and it will invariably end in tears, sometimes theirs.

Then there are only two ways to go, plea bargaining or alcohol. As most sane adults wouldn’t dream of wasting precious alcohol on children, more often than not the TV is wheeled out as a carrot to tempt rowdy children back down to earth.

But in our house, this is when the trouble really begins.

What to watch first?

Who gets to choose?

Who’s choice was it last time?

How many times can we watch the same episode of peppa pig, without gnawing off our own foot?

OK the last one was me but if, and it’s a big if, we manage to settle down to watch something we can all tolerate, then maybe we can broker twenty minutes of relative calm.

And then that’s when the baby will wake up……….


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