Mum is most definitely not the word…

I have just watched a programme recorded last night on BBC 3, and to say I was left speechless is an understatement.

“Glamour Models, Mum And Me”  a link to which can be found here, leaves you wondering how the daughter, Georgia, will cope with the unrelenting pressure from her mother Alicia, whom she clearly adores, to follow in her chosen path of becoming a model/actress.

Georgia appears a strong enough person even at 14, to be able to speak up for herself and achieve her own ambitions of becoming a chemist, architect or world-renowned actress, despite having to act as the Mother in this tempestuous relationship.

But also one can’t help feeling sorry for Alicia who obviously has her own problems to deal with, not least the fear of losing the love and respect of her daughter, but mainly her refusal to accept she is suffering from body dysmorphia. Just listening to her adolescent outbursts when told she doesn’t need any more plastic surgery makes you squirm in your seat, as well as being heartbreakingly sad.

Unwittingly Alicia also seems to be singlehandedly setting the feminist movement back twenty years by advocating that by “getting your tits out” you can achieve fame and fortune a lot quicker than the other young girls who are unwilling to do so. A fact that Georgia, thankfully, seems aghast at.

It would be interesting to see this relationship in two/five/ten years time, if only to see what state the plastic surgery has left Alicia in, and whether Georgia is running the chemistry department at Cambridge or designing buildings for wealthy clients.

I just hope for both their sakes that they are not comparing liposuction scars and how many times they’ve appeared in the pages of the red tops….


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