I feel the need….

At the moment there seems to be a lot of coverage in the media about how councils are going to have to turn off speed cameras, as government funding has been cut.

Now you probably have a widely differing view on speed cameras, they are either an effective tool in combating reckless drivers or a devious attempt to “tax the motorist”.

One thing that can’t be denied however is the amount of people who seem to see the speed limits they are set up to monitor, as a “suggestion” rather than a rule.

I can agree in some cases.

For example, I’m not convinced that 70mph on a motorway is fast enough, a top speed of 80mph would be more realistic, especially when we have motorways with four lanes.

But in residential areas where the limits are 30 or 40mph I have little or no sympathy with those people who speed through at 50/60mph, and moan they’ve picked up a ticket and a fine. No matter how good a driver you are, if someone steps out in front of you when you’re going too fast, you won’t stop in time.

So, I must admit that, in my opinion, turning off cameras can only lead to more accidents, and more deaths, because some drivers will try to shave a couple of seconds of their journey time, safe in the knowledge that the camera will not catch them.

Not sure that the need to save money is a good enough argument in this instance.


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