Sleep? I remember that…

Those of you who read this blog on a regular basis, all five of you, will have noticed that for the last month or so there haven’t been too many updates.

You will also know that we’ve just had our third child, and this my dear friends has meant that usual service has been abandoned.

Night time feeds, nappy changes, bottle washing and just having to hold a screaming unhappy/full of wind/tired/hungry baby, has eaten up the hours of the day (and night) that were normally used to blog.

Once or twice I have sat at the computer or picked up my iPhone, and prepared to blog the thought of the day.

Two hours later I have awoken with a stiff neck and no recollection of falling asleep.

Now however we might be entering a new phase, Matthew is starting to sleep for longer during the night and has already dropped one feed, so this means we may have up to two hours of continuous sleep!


As a consequence I may feel more awake during the day and early evening and be able to update on a more regular basis.

Now, I bet you’re all glad about that aren’t you….


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