I’ve been vetted….again and again.

Over the last couple of years I have been involved with helping out with various school projects, either at the school where my wife works or, more recently the one my daughter attends.

I had been carrying out many odd jobs in the classroom for my wife before helping them to set up and maintain an allotment.

So naturally I had to be CRB checked.

This I did and Norfolk County Council gave me a big thumbs up.

So far so good.

I then began to help out one day a week at my Daughters school and they required me to undergo a “list 99” check, a form which allows the school to check if I am on any list of sex offenders or have been banned from working with children.

This I did and again, unsurprisingly, I received a double thumbs up.

Two months ago I was approached to be a Governor at my daughters school and having agreed,  sent away my documentation to the county council which also included a list99 check.

I received a letter to tell me, that this time I had a triple thumbs up.

This week the school (my Daughters, are you  keeping up?) asked me to fill in a CRB form.

I pointed out that Norfolk County Council already had me on file  as having been approved to work with children. But, Alas, this was not acceptable and I dutifully filled in the form and sent it away.

I shall now expect to receive a quadruple thumbs up, and maybe a certificate to congratulate me on the record number of times I’ve used their system!

On a serious note, being a parent myself I fully understand how important it is to be checked and be able to work with children, but maybe four times by the same authority is just a little bit of overkill?

Someone surely will one day look at my file at county hall and question why I have two list 99 checks and two CRB checks for jobs with the same LEA………or maybe that’s being to sensible……


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