Time To Think.

As the election day draws ever nearer I’ve started to become a little exasperated with the apathy out there towards voting. Also a lot of people seem to want to vote against Labour because…..well just because. No one can really say why, with most people saying we’ll be better off under the Tories!

So with that in mind I’ve started to look around for other peoples views on why you should vote Labour and I will be posting up a few links when (or if!) I find them.

A guest post on one of my favourite blogs deeply flawed but trying by Rachel S Roberts, sums up quite nicely why we seem to be blind to the good things that Labour has done since coming to power.

Nick Cohen for The Observer takes a differing view from his editor and shows why, even though they’ve made mistakes, there is still hope. And in the same vein, Polly Toynbee has detailed the success and failure of Labour’s time in power.

A short but sweet one from Hopi Sen, a reason for people to stop and think about the Tories “big Society” from left foot forward, and finally an impassioned plea as to why some of us should think of voting Labour, from Anthony Painter.

There may be more out there, I’m still looking!


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