And the winner is….

It can’t have escaped your notice these last few weeks that we have a general election coming up on the 6th May, and the newspapers, TV and radio are full of people telling us who deserves our vote and why.

Many an interview has been conducted where the “ordinary person on the street” has been asked for his/her opinion and then which way they will be voting. Now what really amuses me is the fact is anyone can pontificate on any given subject, health, schools, wars, etc, etc, etc.

But then when asked the question “and who will you vote for?”

Most people reply with either, “undecided” or, and this is the one that gets me “it’s a private matter!”

Sorry what?

Why do we not talk about our vote in this country? Why is it a secret? I might not agree with you or your choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong for you to think that way. I’d far rather have a good old “debate” with someone over the rights and wrongs of each parties ideas, than have someone say nothing and not have an opinion on anything.

And just so you don’t think I’m being hypocritical, I shall be voting Labour.


2 thoughts on “And the winner is….

  1. Lawrence (the Liberal Brother)

    The problem with saying who you vote for is someone always asks “why are you voting for them?” You then have to defend and debate your political views, some people just don’t want to do that.

    Those (like you and me) that will debate politics with the cat if it could argue back will wear our colours on our sleeves. (Yellow for me, Red for you). The problem with knowing a persons vote from the start is that it changes your opinion of them from the start.

    I had a long conversation about politics with someone from an older generation. The points that they made and attitudes they held had me countering what (I thought) was a typical Conservative argument, except the person was a committed Labour voter. Sometimes not knowing a persons vote can lead you to examine policy from another angle.

    I don’t think people have to tell you who they are voting for, in fact I don’t care as long as you vote. In the end your politics are you are own and as long as you take part in the process you can have an opinion.

  2. But surely that IS the problem? If you are voting for someone you must have a rough idea of why, even if it’s only that you like their socks!

    But it’s still your reason.

    Maybe some people have to get over the point of view of “I’m right you’re wrong!”, and I for one won’t change my opinion of them just based on political views.

    I don’t happen to share your view, or the view of our parents come to that, but you’re still entitled to have them…..misguided though they might be ;-D

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