Cider with ?

I didn’t pay too much attention to the budget the other day as, to be honest, it would have either been a Pre election give away or a “we’re all screwed” presentation. As it happened there was one item within it that has stirred people into action, outraged (some) sections of the broadcast media and moved (some) newspapers to demand action!

And what is this affront to national stability?

Why of course it’s the increase in tax on cider. Yes you have read that correctly, cider. There is a campaign to get the old 70’s Wurzel song “I am a cider drinker” to number 1 and Facebook groups being set up as we speak.

Excuse me for a moment if I pause to say, are they taking the piss?

If the only thing that gets people annoyed in this country at the moment is a punitive tax on cider, then I think we’re all doomed….


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