Doctor, Doctor

Over the last week, half term as it happens, our daughter Jessica has been quite poorly. It started on the Thursday before the holiday when she was up all night being sick, we kept her off school for the last day of term and wrapped her up hopeful it was just a tummy bug.
On the Saturday she complained of a sore throat, we took a look and sure enough, it was red raw and covered in White spots. We dosed her up with medicine and watched her spirits go up and down over the next five days, until finally she seemed to be getting better.
Then she mentioned her ear hurt.
Now last year Jessica and her brother George both had double ear infections and were proper poorly with it, so this time we were taking no chances and rushed her straight to the Doctors.
And this is when our problems started.
On the Thursday, a week after the first onset of illness, we went to see a Doctor and request some antibiotics. We’d held off as Jessica doesn’t react well to them, but didn’t want her to suffer even more than she had allready.
The Doctor told us that she did seem to have one sore ear, and her glands were up, but to bring her back when she was “in pain”!
I asked if it was better to catch it early, but he brushed this away with a comment about “the misguided ideas of parents and antibiotics”, also saying that “children aren’t always as ill as you think”.

Suffice to say Jessica had a sleepless night and complained that her ear was hurting even more.

So on the Friday it was back to the Doctors to demand some antibiotics, this time the Doctor was far more understanding and wrote out a prescription there and then. She said that prevention was better than cure, and chuckled when we told her the name of the other Doctor and what he had said.
So, how can two Doctors give such differing opinions?

Why should we wait for our child to be “in pain”?

Can it really be down to the fact that the male Doctor would just be less sympathetic to a childs illness than a female?

Again it would seem that the only person who can really be certain how a child is feeling and the best way to look after them would be the parent.


3 thoughts on “Doctor, Doctor

  1. Wow, I’d be making sure I never saw that doc again!!!! I think some doctors assume that most parents are exagerating due to worry about the child, but if he could see the sore ear then that was bang out of order, especially as she had been suffering for a week already! I hate taking my kids to the doc for this exact reason and hate being fobbed off.

  2. Me too! It seems to me, from the little experience I’ve got, that we – the patients, parents and the rest – can never get it right by the medical profession. If we delay, we’re wrong; if we trouble them, we’re wrong. Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.

  3. Doctors can make you feel like such a whinging over protective parent, can’t they? I don’t think i’d be going back to that one again, that’s for sure!

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