What day is this again?

I have suffered from a touch of the flu over the last couple of days and feel like I’ve been in a void.

I began to notice the effects last Monday and spent the rest of the week ignoring the tiredness, sore throat and aches that were leading inevitably toward a cold.
Then on Saturday morning after a walk to get the paper I became dizzy and very hot, Jessica tried to crawl through my legs and down I went.
The rest of Saturday became a blur and Sunday was spent asleep, unheard of since the children have been with us, whilst today saw Grandma & Grandpa drafted in to do the school run.

Having spoken with some of the mums at school when dropping Jessica off last week, this is the result of a pretty nasty bug doing the rounds, and many of the parents seem to have had to take a few days off one way or the other.

Now though, after two days of sitting and sleeping, reading ALL my papers and catching up on some of the many recorded TV programmes on the BT box, I’m starting to suffer from “cabin fever” a little bit.
I need to get outside and get some fresh air, take the children to school, prepare the meals, do the washing, ironing, and the cleaning, go back to work, go food shopping and generally spend time keeping the children entertained.

In short making sure everyone has all they need to get through the day without any problems once more.

Then again, as I’m not quite fully recovered, maybe I should rest just a little bit longer…..


One thought on “What day is this again?

  1. I had it over half term, at least it meant i didnt have to do the school run – but actually did more housework while i was ill than normal! Good job seeing as i have found twiter now lol!

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