This will hurt…

I took Jessica and George to have their swine flu jabs on Saturday, an event by the way that they were both looking forward to and getting genuinely excited about.

When we were sitting outside the doctor’s room waiting for the call, it still surprised me how many parents lie to their children.

The last thing that the nurse or doctor needs is to be labelled a “bad person” for sticking the needle in, but a lot of parents use them as a ready-made excuse to make themselves feel better when comforting their children. Now I’ve taken the children for every jab they’ve had from day one and, once they were able to understand I have told them in no uncertain terms that it will hurt, only for a moment, but it will hurt.

And, to my children’s credit, it seems to have paid off. Neither of them has cried at any of their jabs, in fact Jessica gives the nurse a look that says “is that all you’ve got?”

We don’t like to see our children in pain and try to protect them from anything that may hurt them, but you’ve got to admit if we’re not careful they won’t believe anything we tell them, once the nurse picks up the syringe.

After all, I’m not a great fan of needles, mainly because they bloody well hurt!


2 thoughts on “This will hurt…

  1. MMR down, swine flu to come in a couple of weeks. Moo’s too young to lie to in any event, but I think she’s just learning to associate the nurse with the chocolate buttons she provides!

  2. I guess a lot of the do it to stop any panicking pre visit but yeah, I dont get it either. I couldn’t face the accusing ‘you lied to me mummy’ looks when it clearly did hurt.

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