Little willy…

We’ve taken a bold step in our house over the christmas break and decided to adopt the correct names for the male and female genitalia. Hence Jessica and George have been having fun trying to pronounce penis and vagina, and to correctly name who has what.

Now for a man it’s quite straightforward, you can choose from a variety of names, but by far the most common name people go for is willy. Now this seems to be accepted not to cause you or your children any embarrassment.

However for the girls we seem to have become rather prudish and made it a bit of a minefield for our daughters.

After Jessica was born we took a quick straw poll of friends and family to gauge what was the most commonly used name out there, and to be frank I was amazed at how far we will go to disguise what it is and what it does, in a vain effort to protect children’s, and presumably our, blushes.

Fairy, tuppence, front bottom, secret garden, private parts, hoo-haa, la-la, choo-choo…..I could go on!

Unfortunately against our better judgement we sort of fudged it and, due to my wifes reluctance, settled on Minky. Don’t ask me why, it’s still not ideal in any way, but there you go.

But as she gets older and goes to school, meets other children and encounters situations when she and her friends talk about these things, the more I realised that when I tackle the concept of sex with my children, I’d like to do it in a clear and concise way without having to hide behind more and more confusing “aliases”.

We have no problem with being naked around our children and dealing with inevitable questions that arise and, unlike slummymummy1 who touched on that subject in her post here, I do have something that can be grabbed, which in itself leads to situations that some parents would no doubt find uncomfortable, but we take the time to answer all the questions as openly as we can. Which normaly just brings a shrug and an “ok!”

So we go with it and let the children get used to the change and hopefully we will see them start to use the new words without a seconds thought, and in the long run their attitudes toward their bodies and those of others will be relaxed, so then they will be able to tell us of any concerns or fears they may have when it comes to the time most parents worry about the most, them having a boyfriend or girlfriend!

It makes it’s own enjoyment anyway as I like to watch the reaction from other children, who seem to just shrug it off or giggle, and their parents who, mostly, don’t……


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