I knew this day would come.

I suppose it had to happen sometime, but I thought I could put it off for a few more weeks at least. I mean we haven’t even got back in to the swing of things after christmas yet have we?

But alas it was not going to be, and the fateful day has arrived, George has given up his afternoon nap.

Now to say George is a bit of a rascal would be an understatement but in the main he is well-behaved, well as much as a two-year old can be expected to behave, and is looking forward to sharing a room with his sister when the new baby arrives in may.

But for the last two weeks over the holidays he has taken ages to get to sleep, or rather he’s been taking ages when Daddy has been at work and Mummy has had to go up to him. Every time it’s the same thing “where’s Daddy?” Then when I come home he spends the rest of the night off and on, crying out until I’ve gone up at least once to settle him.

It’s become a little game and one he seems to revel in.

The trouble is the next day he, and his Daddy, are both worn out and in need  of a nap, which is where the catch 22 situation is coming in. He sleeps well in the afternoon as he’s tired, but then can take an hour or two in the evening to settle.

So the nap has had to go, tonight we’re on our second attempt and whilst both bedtimes have been total successes, straight to sleep before you reach the bottom step, last night became punctuated with “bad dreams”.

Tonight, so far so good, we’ve passed the ten O’clock cry that happened yesterday, so we’ll see.

Of course I’ll just get him settled and get an uninterrupted nights sleep back, and then the new addition to our family will come along…….


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