Stop it, it’s silly…….

Over the last few days it can’t have escaped your attention that we have seen the end of the last decade, it is also become painfully obvious that the media as a whole has decided to dub it “the noughties”.

Now I have let it be known that this label has irritated me far more than it should, but I was prepared to let it go and try to focus on more important things, like, who replaced Tom baker as Dr who, who killed that bloke in that soap I don’t watch and who is the latest C list celebrity to embarrass themselves doing something…..well….embarrassing.

But then two things have made me start to twitch uncontrollably.

The first is, and you’ve probably already guessed this, what do we call the next year/decade!

Is it twenty ten? Two thousand and ten? 2-0-1-0? who cares people, get a life!

And the decade? As this article in The Guardian states, there are a few names already being put forward. But seriously the tweenies?

Now we are just making up names for the sake of it, come on its time to “chillax” people……………..


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