Tis the season to be….sneezing?

You can always tell when it’s christmas time again in our house, as one by one we all succumb to the coughs and sneezes of winter colds.

In fact I might be hard pushed to find a picture of George taken over the winter months since he was born, when he doesn’t have a glistening upper lip and watery eyes. Jessica on the other hand seems to save the christmas holidays to come down with a nasty fever and an all over rash, that requires a trip to the doctors for another lecture, “it’s only a virus”, and a pot of thick unctuous cream to slather her with.

By the way if it is “only a virus”, you come and sit with her for the three or four nights she can’t get comfortable and slowly cries herself to sleep and let me get a little rest!

This year we’ve started early and even Mummy has joined in, although being pregnant does give her more excuse to lay down and have a rest, both Jessica and George have colds and are showing signs of emulating the great ear infection of 2007.

Here’s hoping that we can get them out-of-the-way and enjoy a traditional christmas this year, you know the one, arguments before breakfast, no batteries included, turkey not defrosted properly, unwanted presents, drunken slumber in the afternoon and the dawning realisation that we’ve spent far too much on crappy presents and food that will never be consumed.

Merry Christmas indeed…..


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