Stop the world….

I have read an interesting article by Gaby Hinsliff  in The Observer today, which you can find here, about juggling working and being a mother. It’s a problem that a lot of families up and down the country have faced and it’s not always one that’s possible to solve. As you may or may not know I’m a “house husband” working three evenings a week whilst bringing up our two children, therefore allowing my wife to work full-time looking after around 26 more*.

It works for us and I for one enjoy it immensely, but I’m well aware that for some it’s a tough decision to make and one that is made all the more harder when your child asks you to stay and play every morning!

Are there any easy answers?


But you can’t help thinking that a little more financial help towards one or other of the parents giving up work to look after a family, whether from government or employers, would be a start.

*By the way if you hadn’t guessed, my wife is a teacher!


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