Run for your life

So the BBC is in a quandary about inviting the BNP on to question time, lest it should be accused of giving them a platform to promote their beliefs to the country, or on the other hand refusing them a platform to……well you get the idea.

Hmmm, let me first state, like most sane clear thinking people, that the BNP and it’s policies are nothing short of racist rubbish and furthermore I couldn’t think of a single subject we would ever agree on. But even after all that I think the most sensible thing to do is to invite them on and let them pontificate to their hearts content.
Because having listened to some of their “arguments” and “facts” I think it would be far better to let them make fools of themselves to a far bigger audience than they are ever going to get any where else and for people to see how ridiculous they and their ideas really are.
Then we can run them out of politics and with a bit of luck, out of our lives as well……

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