Paperback Writer

I’m getting everything ready for our holiday on Saturday and as I work down my list I’ve come to the vexed question of which books to take with me.
And, like my fellow blogger jayman888 (he’s just over there on the left) mentioned a little while ago, I seem to be reading quite a few books at the moment.
In fact as we speak, I seem to be making my way through twelve books. I know what you’re thinking, how clever that you can read so many books at once?
Or perhaps you’re thinking, just concentrate on one you tit!
But however you look at it, it presents me with a problem.
Taking all twelve books with me would be overkill, but starting new ones would only add to the growing literature backlog. I never seem to get enough time as it is to read them all, so maybe I should place myself under a book embargo?
But realistically with two children in tow on holiday, not to mention Grandma, Grandpa and my wife, I can’t imagine I will be allowed any time to read on holiday either!

3 thoughts on “Paperback Writer

  1. jayman888

    jayman888 here. My book situation has improved. I have imposed a book embargo on myself now. This has 2 main rules. 1. No new purchases2. No new starts until I have closure on the current ones. (see my blog for the list)I am a chapter off finishing 'The Sound of No Hands Clapping' Toby Young and will polish that off tonight. Got to go into London for a meeting so will take my Jezza Clarkson and finish that off.2 crossed off in the next 2 days. I was in Waterstones on Sunday and also the library and didn't not get any books. Just looked!!!

  2. Darrell

    I picked up a copy of Michael Palins python years diaries at the library to take on holiday and have been fighting the urge to pick it up and have a little look!

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