So another birthday comes and goes and although I’m another year older, I don’t seem to feel the passing of time as much as I imagined I would. Having two young children helps to keep you focused on other things. Which reminds me of something one of my uncles said to me when I was younger.

When i asked how old he was and he replied 40, I let out an incredulous “that’s really old!” He said “ah but I still feel 18”. And in a way I know what he means, you never notice the years going by until you notice they’ve gone by.
Whilst I don’t feel 18, and wouldn’t want to go through all that again! I do feel that I’ll just get on with being in the here and now and enjoying every minute I get.
And next year when I do hit the big four 0, I’ll make sure I don’t let any children ask me how old I am now………….

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