It’s all to much

So unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of days, you’ll know of the passing of Michael Jackson at the age of 50.

One thing that is starting to become obvious is the divide in opinion that greeted his death, you either loved him or loathed him. You certainly couldn’t ignore him, once the high king of pop music then the toast of the gossip magazines and then the slow fade to irrelevance, living on the glories of past triumphs.
And then came the news that he would be doing a fifty date concert tour at the o2 arena, this would put him back at the top and his resurrection would be complete. Christ reborn, the master returns and we should all give thanks. Amen brother!
This is where I start to become slightly agitated, he was a great showman and a very talented musician, no one could ever argue against that fact. However there were aspects of his private life that you could find distasteful if not downright criminal.
You don’t pay an out of court settlement if you’ve got nothing to hide.
I, for one, always assumed that a lot more of this story would come out one day and that the feeling of disquiet I had for MJ would be proved correct. Purely form the angle of being a father, you can never fully remove those thoughts of repulsion when discussing the “rumours” of his lifestyle.
“No smoke without fire” may be an unfair saying, but I refer you to my statement about the settlement.
The truth? We’ll never know the definitive version now, although many people will no doubt bring out books of their side of his story, after all dead men tell no tales, especially none like the ones that these books can peddle.
Also let’s not kid ourselves that all the twists and turns of this story are finished yet.
Maybe it’s best now to leave those that loved him with his music, and the rest of us can go back to our indifference.

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