Revolution No 9

This week we have been hearing about Iran and the election held there.

At first people questioned the result and were adamant that it had been fixed and stolen from the opposition party. Now it would seem that doubt is being cast on that version of events, with reports starting to come out of Iran, saying that the incumbent did win, although not by as high a margin as reported.
However, the main focus of the media has been on the opposition party and it’s right to demonstrate for it’s beliefs. Beliefs that we in the west hold as a basic human right.
Is it this that has got people agitated? Or is it a widely held idea that Iran is a “bad” state and needs to be changed to a society just like ours?
What is not in doubt is that people seem to be dying for their ideals and are being held down whilst the country tries to carry on as normal, this perhaps is the fundamental truth that we all need to focus on.
In a democracy people are free to vote for whomever they wish, if the result goes against them they at least know everything was fair and above board and they tried their best. It’s when the element of doubt creeps in that we begin to see mass demonstrations and the trouble that oppression can bring.
We may never know the whole story and we may never understand how this country and it’s people operate, but as an afterthought,Try to imagine if there is a cause you would be willing to go out on the streets and die for, I’m not sure I can. But our thoughts must be with the famlies of those who are paying the ultimate sacrifice to voice their opinion.

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